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Why “The Doctor” is a F*ckboi

A.k.a Don’t Be the Girl Who Waited Written while listening to: “Woodland” — The Paper Kites Warning: drops the f-bomb. A lot. So avert you’re eyes if you’re not into that sorta thing. Let me first say: I love Doctor Who. The Doctor has gotten me through some hard times — freshman year of college, getting my wisdom teeth… Continue reading Why “The Doctor” is a F*ckboi

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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Plan a Damn Thing

A.k.a have no expectations to exceed your expectations Written while listening to: “Is it All Worth it?” — Treetop Flyers Writers like to plan. To write is to predict the future, even as you go. To know what a character is thinking when they walk to the basement or where that basement is, what’s lurking in that… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Try to Plan a Damn Thing


Great Art is Hard to Find…Literally

A.k.a the secret(ish) industrial art galleries of Chicago’s South Side Written while listening to: the crackling of a fire and my fam watching football There’s an episode of Girls where Hannah, the British one, and Kylo Ren all go to a warehouse party. And while I usually pretend to like that show ironically (while secretly… Continue reading Great Art is Hard to Find…Literally