Great Art is Hard to Find…Literally

A.k.a the secret(ish) industrial art galleries of Chicago’s South Side Written while listening to: the crackling of a fire and my fam watching football There’s an episode of Girls where Hannah, the British one, and Kylo Ren all go to a warehouse party. And while I usually pretend to like that show ironically (while secretly… Continue reading Great Art is Hard to Find…Literally

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Work Somewhere That Inspires You to Be Great

A.k.a I found my people Written while listening to: “Love is All I am” — Dawes I’ve always struggled with finding a place where I felt I truly “belonged.” I mean hell, who hasn’t? We all have those moments where we play “Go the Distance” from Hercules on repeat on our iPods. But even before I was… Continue reading Work Somewhere That Inspires You to Be Great

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The Process of “The Process”

A.k.a art is an evolution Written while listening to: “Hurricane” — Halsey To an artist, a blank piece of paper is the most terrifying thing in the world. And a pencil. And an eraser. Really any tool necessary for making art is terrifying to an artist. Because we know that 99% of what we’re about to put… Continue reading The Process of “The Process”