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Hey hi hello! If you’re not my Mom, some spam account, or me, welcome. By day, I’m a professional geek and writer for Threadless. By night I sometimes write for HelloGiggles and TheMarySue, co-host a Game of Thrones podcast called “You Got GoT,” and when I pause time with my Time Turner, I put other writings and musings here!

When I’m not writing, I’m a level-200 TV/Film binger with my baefriend, Netflix, podcasting, or causally existentially crisis-ing about the vastness of the universe. Or just eating cookies and wondering why toes look so weird.

Here’s where my writing lives:


“The Mary Sue” Articles
Why Lumberjanes is the Comic You Should be Reading Right Now
5 Ways the Universe Helped My Anxiety
Threadless Articles (select)
Interview with The Walking Dead’s Tony Moore
How Comic Books are Time Capsules…Really Pretty Time Capsules
Non-Superhero Comics You Should be Reading Right Now
7 Movie Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI
“HelloGiggles” Articles
The Quote that Helped Me with My Anxiety
5 Things I Learned From Losing My Virginity at 23
Why Racism Towards the Jon Boyega’s Stormtrooper is Ironic
The Non-Geek’s Guide to Comic Con
How to Make Your Space Look Like Urban Outfitters (Without Going Broke)

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